Mankind has always dreamed of flight. It has been something we have longed for since before the Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Ornithopter.” The Dream of Flight captures that struggle and hopeful yet innocence of such a simple magnificent idea.

Pulling from my own dreams as a child of longing to fly I created a series of images that show the spirit of dreaming to fly, yet it still grounded never to take off. 

I think flying is something we all can relate to at one point or another in our lives always knowing that we as humans can never really fly on our own power. Yet with the help from outside devices we can achieve are dreams and in ways conquer some of our fears in the process.

I think flying is something we all can relate too; maybe it’s the thought of freedom that open sky can offer. We each seek our own path, with many different ways to approach the path and maybe the dream of flight is really how we come to our giving of our heart away to a simple dream to find happiness and freedom. Or is it the journey and the belief that we can overcome obstacles such as flight, maybe it these challenges are what keep us alive.

Print Size: 18x12

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