Troy was born in rural Kansas in 1975 and currently lives in Topeka, Kansas. His work and research explores the delicate balance of family, fatherhood and the outcome of the family photo album. Motivated by intellectual and psychological inquiry of these intimate topics, Troy photographs his own family as a means of understanding the emotional qualities that come along with fatherhood. It has become his means of understanding while creating an honest interpretation of the idealized family album.

He received his BFA from the Academy of Art University in 2015 and his MFA in 2019. His work has been seen in Nowhere Dairy, Lensculture, Black and White Magazine, Lenscratch, Feature Shoot, Plates to Pixels, The Photo Review, Fraction Magazine, Der Greif and FotoRoom.   

Troy is available for commissioned portraits, commercial and editorial shoots. 

For mentoring, portfolio help and independent education, please email Troy for rates. 


Curriculum Vitae


2019 MFA Academy of Art University San Francisco, CA. Fine Art Photography, Valedictorian Candidate.

2015 BFA Academy of Art University San Francisco, CA. Fine Art Photography

1998 The Recording Workshop Chillicothe, OH. Certificate in Recording Engineering

1994 Cloud County Community College, Concordia KS


2022 Current, Southern New Hampshire University,  Adjunct Instructor

2022 Current,  Kansas State University, Photography Instructor

2021-22 Kansas University, Lecturer of Photography

2021 Kansas State University, Adjunct Instructor

2019 Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City, Mo

(Course on Family Photography)

Visiting Artist/Lecture   

2023 Framing Grief, Online Lecture         

2022 Emporia State University, Visiting Artist/Lecture

2020 Portland State University, Online Lecture

2020 Academy of Art University, Online  Lecture                                                                                                                                     


The Fragility of Fatherhood,  Published by: Too Tired Press 2022,  Limited Edition, 150 copies


2023 Royal Photographic Society 165, Finalist

2022 Lensculture, Black & White Top 25 Finalist

2022 Critical Mass, Top 200

2022 PhotoSpiva, 2nd Place

2019 Critical Mass, Top 50

2016 Lenscratch Student Prize, Honorable Mention

2015 Critical Mass, Top 200

2014 Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury VT. Directors Choice

2014 PhotoSynthesis, Gallery 136 1/5 Manchester, CT. 3rd Place

2014 NYC4P New York, NY. 3rd Place

2014 Mpls Photo Center-Minneapolis, MN. Honorable Mention

2013 Dark Room Gallery, Essex Junction, VT. Honorable Mention

2011 Black & White Color Magazine. Bronze Award

2011 Ron Howards Imagination Project, , Semi Finalist

2011 RoHo Gallery Cincinnati, OH. 1st prize

2011 Point of View 2011, RoHo Gallery. Merit Award


2022 The Fragility of Fatherhood, published by Too Tired Press

Solo Exhibitions

2011-2012 The Dream of Flight, RoHo Photo Gallery, Cincinnati,OH

Invitational Exhibitions

2021 Picture (IM) Perfect, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa, FL

2020 Storytellers, Potter Gallery Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph, MO

2019 Diffusion, Southeast Center of Photography, Greenville, SC

2019 Acceptance of Change, MFA Graduate Exhibition, San Francisco, CA

2018 The Feeling is Mutual, Local Project, NYC, New York

2017 Der Greif Project Thread Count, Unseen Festival, Amsterdam

2016 Making Fact and Fiction, Fotoseptiembre, The University of Texas at San Antonio, Curators: Libby Rowe and Scott Sherer

Selected Group Exhibitions         

2023 Kansas City Art Institute Flat Files, Kansas City, Mo

2023 Back on the Shelf, Filter Photo, Book Exhibition, Chicago, Ill                                                         

2022 PhotoSpiva, Joplin, MO. Juror: Erin & Eric Dodson

2022 Center Forward, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO

2021 Kansas City Art Institute Flat Flies, Kansas City, MO

2020 PhotoMidwest, 11th Biennial Juried Exhibition, Madison, WI

2020 Portfolio Showcase, Center of Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO  (Cancelled, due to COVID)

2020 Critical Mass Top 50 Exhibition, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA (shown July 2021)

2019 PhotoPlace Gallery, Being Human, Middleberry, VT. Juror: Christy Havrenek

2018 Open House KC, The Feeling is Mutual, KansasCity, MO, Juror: Rebecca Memoli

2018 Filter Photo, Context, Chicago, Ill, Juror: April Watson, Curator

2017 SxSE Photogallery, Portraits, Molena, Gerogia, Juror: Elizabeth Alvedon

2017 Houston Center for Photography, 35 Annual Exhibition, Houston, TX Juror: Rebecca Senf

2017 Mudras, The Hand Magazine, Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Kansas City, MO

2016 Dreams, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO, Juror: Jennifer DeCarlo

2015 28th Members Only Show, Texas Photographic Society, Juror: Keith Carter

2015 Candela Unbound 4, Richmond, VA Juror: Gordan Stettinius

2015 The Hand Magazine, Potter Gallery Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph, MO

2014 A Midnight Eerie, PhotoSynthesis, Gallery 136 1/2,Manchester, CT Juror: Jessica Somers, Photographer

2014 Dreams, Fantasies and Illusions, Photoplace Gallery, Middleberry,VT Juror: Richard Selesnick and Nicholas Kahn

2014 Photoworld, New York Photo Festival, New York, NY

2014 Black and White, NYC4P, New York, NY Juror: Mark Sink, Photographer

2014 Academy of Art University 2014 Spring Show, San Francisco,CA

2014 Visual Narrative Exhibition, Mpls PhotoCenter-Minneapolis, MN Juror: Susan Burnstine, Photographer

2013 Imagine Realities, Photoplace Gallery, Middleberry, VTJuror: Robert and Shana Parkeharrison, Photographers

2013 Last Spooky Show, Lightbox Photographic Gallery, Astoria, OR Juror: Michael and Chelsea Granger, Curators

2013 Curiouser and Curiouser, Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury,VT Juror: Blue Mitchell, Diffusion Magazine

2013 Photocraft 2, Lightbox Photographic Gallery, Astoria, OR Juror: Blue Mitchell, Diffusion Magazine

2013 Members Only 26th, Texas Photographic Society,TX Juror: Elizabeth Krist, Senior Photography Editor at National Geographic Magazine

2013 In Bloom, DarkRoom Gallery, Essex Junction, VT Juror: Mark and Kristen Sink, Photographer

2013 Spring Show, Academy of Art University 2013, SanFrancisco, CA

2013 Juried Exhibition 2013, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel,CA Juror: Dean Brierly and Chris Johnson,

2012 The Unreal, The Kiernan Gallery, Lexington, VT Juror: Ken Rosenthal, Photographer

2012 PhotoSpiva National Photography Competition and Exhibition, Joplin, Mo Juror: Deborah Klochko, Director of the Museum of Photographic Arts

2012 Spooky Show lV, Lightbox Photographic Gallery, Astoria, OR Juror: Russell Joslin, Shots Magazine

2012 Summer Photo Show, The Lunchbox Gallery, Miami, FL

2012 TPS 21, Texas Photographic Society Juror: Aline Smithison,Photographer, Educator

2012 Secrets and Mysteries, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction,VT Juror: Catherine Edelman, Curator

2012 Alternative Realities, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT Juror: Laura Moya , Director of Photolucida

2012 Spring Show, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

2012 Play, A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX Juror: AngelaBacon-Kidwell, Photographer

2012 Compe 12, Onward Photo Festival, Philadelphia, PA Juror: Todd Hido, Educator, Photographer

2011 Uncanny: Surreal Photography, PhotoPlace Gallery,MiddleBury, VT Juror: Russell Joslin, Shots Magazine

2012 Imagination, A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX Juror: Aline Smithson, Photographer

2011 Beginnings: Stories and Starting Points, Photo Filter Festival Exhibition, Chicago, IL Juror: Deborah Klochko, Director of the Museum of Photographic Arts

2011 Summer Photo Show, The LunchBox Gallery, Miami, FL

2011 Layers, RoHo Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

2011 The Photographic Experience, Preston Contemporary Art Center, Mesilla, NM Juror: Mary Anne Redding, Critic, Curator

2011 Point of View, RoHo Gallery, Cincinnati, OH


2023 Float Magazine, Home is Where, July,2023

2018 Diffusion IX, Artfully Crafted Photography,Volume IX, 109

2017 The Hand Magazine, April, Issue 16. 11

2016 Shots Magazine, Summer, Issue 132. 8

2015 The Hand Magazine, July, Issue 9. 2, 21.

2015 Black and WhiteMagazine, Feb. Issue 107. 183, 214.

2015 The Hand Magazine, Jan, Issue 7. 16.

2014 Black and White Magazine, Feb. Issue 101. 202.

2013 The Hand Magazine, Oct, Issue 2. 3, 38.

2013 Black and White Magazine, Feb, Issue 95. 219

2013 Enchantment, Plates to Pixels, Jan, 2012. 21.

2012 Adore Noir Magazine Black and White Fine Art Photography,June. Issue 8. 18, 22

2012 Black & White Color Magazine, Feb, Issue 88. 205.

Website Publications

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2019 Fraction Magazine, The Fragility of Fatherhood., Jan. 2019,

2018 C41 Magazine, Troy Colby’s photograph tell us about the fragility of being a father., Nov. 2018,

2018 Fotoroom, Troy Colby Captures the Difficulty of Being a Father in Emotional Photos,, Nov. 2018,

2018 Photo-Emphasis, Familiar/Familial,, June 2018.

2018 Informality, The Feeling is Mutual, When Open House becomes a home,, May 2018.

2017 Fraction Magazine, Ninth Anniversary Issue,, May 2017.

2017 ACurator, Troy Colby: This will pass. I promise you., January 2017.

2016 Featureshoot, In a time of mourning, one photographer turns to his son,, Aug 2016.

2016 Lenscratch, StudentPrize Honorable Mention,,June 2016.

2016 Brenda Scott Arts, Fotos Fiddles & Felines. Creating aReality,,May 2016, Podcast Episode 11 &12

2016 Fraction Magazine, The Eighth Anniversary Issue,, May 2016

2016 Plates to Pixels, Intimate Alchemy, , Feb.2016

2015 COOPH, TheCooperative of Photography, A Q&Awith Troy Colby,, Nov.2015

2015 The Kansas City Star,‘Do you copy?’ Exhibit’s Artists PushBoundaries,, Feb, 2015

2014 Hartford Courant, ‘A Midnight Erie’ Photoshow in Manchester,, Oct, 2014

2014, Lenscratch, MasqueradeExhibition at the New Orleans Photo Alliance,, Feb, 2014

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2011 The Northerner, ArtExhibits Mystical Photographs,, Nov, 2011

2011 F-Stop Magazine, Relations,, Sept, 2011

Portfolio Reviews

2022 New York Times Portfolio Review (juried)

2019 Chico Portfolio Review (juried)

2018 Review Santa Fe (juried)

2015 PhotoNola

2012 Onward Photofestival


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