This will pass, I promise you. 

The nights are long and our days are short. Sometimes the moments slip past us. Other times they move so slow that you unable to hold still. 

Your determination keeps you going until your body is tired and hurting. This frustration of having to stop is tough and I know that it puts a pressure on you that we are unable to see. Same for your migraines, I know that it is frustrating. 

No child of your age should have this pain or feel this way but yet you keep on. You have always felt the need to always keep moving and busy.

I am sorry you have picked up this trait from me, if I could change it I would. I am still learning to deal with and handle your mood swings from total excitement to the sudden changes of fear, anger and sadness.

For me as your dad, I wonder many times where and what did I do wrong? I know this is not necessarily the case. It leaves me searching and wanting to understand. 

I picked up my camera really not knowing where it would lead. I know you do not want your image taken and for that I am sorry.

I have found in using my camera in capturing these moments. I am able to approach this with a new level of understanding and peace. It allows me to be in a state where I can be a better dad for you during this time. I hope that all of this will pass as time goes on for you.


Postscript: I started this body of work when Easton was only 10 years old. The images seen here were captured from March, 2016 to September 2017. This project is on-going. 

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