The Bitter Sweet

Age and time are certain things that are inescapable. Over the years my son and I have created many works of art together.It has gradually progressed into a collaboration. The last year has been an adventure for the both of us. 

After moving to a new environment we lost a comfortable connection to the land we knew and loved.

This transition was tough for me as I turned forty and for him as well, for he is growing into his early teens. It started to make me wonder how much longer would we have together. This idea of time, finding our identity and our connection within this new landscape started to take form naturally. We have found a place of acceptance within these images. It might be that our time as collaborators is coming to an end. But one thing is for sure. We have made many memories and images that will out last the both of us. As we continue to face this bitter-sweet realization of age and time.


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